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    Secure Bit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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Help & Info about Free PC Cleaner for windows

  • Are there any charges associated with Free PC Cleaner?

    While the download itself is claimed to be free, those who choose the installation option will be redirected to a different software bundle known as "Swift PC Optimizer". Thus, it is unclear as to whether or not any charges will be accrued.
  • How large is the file size of Free PC Cleaner?

    The total file size associated with the registry cleaner is 26.52 megabytes. This is much smaller than other software which requires a paid download.
  • How often is Free PC Cleaner updated?

    As this is free software, it will not be updated on a frequent basis (unlike PC cleaners which are associated with a paid subscription). Thus, it might not be able to detect all vulnerabilities.
  • Will Free PC Cleaner automatically run in my desktop background?

    One of the benefits of this program is that it will automatically search for registry errors and rectify them on a regular basis. However, the user can also choose to manually activate the software in order to increase performance power.
  • How do I uninstall Free PC Cleaner once it has been installed?

    The majority of users will need to access their Control Panel before highlighting the associated icon. From here, the "Add or Remove Program" option should be clicked. A wizard will provide guidance through the remainder of the process. The computer might need to be restarted before any changes take place.
  • Will Free PC Cleaner detect the latest viral threats?

    Please note that this software bundle is not primarily designed to detect threats such as malware or spyware. It has been developed to detect and fix memory storage issues as well as to enhance the performance of an operating system. Those who are looking to identify any viruses are advised to download a separate anti-virus program
  • Is Free PC Cleaner available for Mac operating systems?

    This software is currently only available for those who are using Windows-powered personal computers. Those who own a Mac or wish to find a performance enhancer for mobile devices are advised to perform an online search in order to find a similar product.
  • Can Free PC Cleaner be used in combination with other software?

    There should be few issues in the event that Free PC Cleaner is used in conjunction with other packages. Still, running two or more performance scanners could deplete the amount of active memory available.
  • Is Free PC Cleaner available for residents of the United Kingdom?

    There are no limitations in regards to who can download this software. The only potential drawback is that live telephone support is only available within the United States and Canada. Those living abroad will be faced with long-distance charges.
  • Am I able to download Free PC Cleaner on multiple desktop computers?

    There are no limitations in regards to how many devices can work with Free PC Cleaner. It can be downloaded via online sources or the original file can be saved to a memory stick before being transferred between different computers.


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